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Principal Evangelist
Principal Evangelist, Mozilla
Head of Web Development
Head of Web Development, AKQA
VP, Managing Director, Business Operations and Planning, Europe
VP, Managing Director, Business Operations and Planning, R/GA
Founder & Managing Director
Founder & Managing Director, Future Candy
JavaScript developer
JavaScript developer, Kendo UI & Icenium
Industry Analyst
Industry analyst, Asymco
Technical Director
Technical Director, R/GA
CEE Market Manager
CEE Market Manager, Facebook
Client Partner CEE Global Marketing Solutions
Client Partner CEE Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook
Executive Vice President
Executive Vice President, Interactive Solutions EMEA
Founder, Digital Orange Consulting
Senior Sales Manager, EMEA
Senior Sales Manager, EMEA, Flurry
Global Digital Strategist
Global Digital Strategist, Capcom
Director of International Channel Sales
Director of International Channel Sales, Security Innovation
Team Lead
Team Lead, Zend Technologies
Senior Innovation Manager
Senior Innovation Manager, SOMO Global
Partner & CTO
Partner & CTO, XL Team
Chief Inspiration Officer
Chief Inspiration Officer, XL Team
Head of Business Development
Head of Business Development, S&T
Country Manager
Country Manager, ForestView Romania
Managing director EMEA
Managing director CEE- Httpool
Product Management Director
Product Management Director, Romtelecom
Country Manager
Country Manager, Entersoft
Industry Manager
Industry Manager, Youtube Romania
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Operating Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi
Head of Digital & Innovation
Head of Digital & Innovation, Saatchi & Saatchi
Founder of Gloople
Founder, Gloople
Managing Partner
Managing Partner, Thinkdigital Romania
CEO & Co-founder
CEO & Co-founder, Infinit Solutions Agency
Managing Partner
Managing Partner, Transart
Managing Director
Managing Director, Outbox
Managing Director
Managing Director, Star Storage
Technical Director & Partner
Technical Director & Partner, Safetech
Business Unit Manager
Business Unit Manager, Stefanini
General Manager
General Manager, Mediapost Hit Mail
Co Founder
Co Founder, White Image
Business Development Manager
Business Development Manager, Transart
Territory Account Manager
Territory Account Manager, Motorola Solutions
Founder and CEO
Founder and CEO, mReady
Founder, Decar Studios
Founder and CEO
Founder and CEO, BITSoftware
Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager, Momobi
Head of Online Marketing
Head of Online Marketing, Zitec
Managing Director
Managing Director, ORTEC
Founder, Green Pixel
Founder, Mobixera
Country Manager
Country Manager, Gemius Romania
Product Manager
Product Manager, Romtelecom
Evangelist, Microsoft
Co-Founder and CEO
Co-Founder and CEO
Product Manager
Product & Implementation Manager, PayU
Product Manager
Product Manager, Allevo
Director General
Director General, Romanian Business Consult
Managing Director
Managing Director, Dynamicweb Romania
Marketing Director
Marketing Director, Enel
Head of Product Development
Head of Product Development, Enel
WSI License Owner in Romania
WSI License Owner, WSI
Global Social Media Coordinator
Global Social Media Coordinator, Bitdefender
General Manager
General Manager, Qualysoft
General Manager
General Manager, Qualysoft
VP, Eastern Europe Sales
VP Sales, Avangate
CMO & Co-Founder
CMO & Co-Founder, Agile Media
E-Commerce Director
E-Commerce Director,
External Consultant
External Consultant, Agile Media
Co-founder, XL Team
Country Manager
Country Manager, CarnationGroup
Security Product Sales Specialist
Security Product Sales Specialist, Cisco
Social Media and Marketing Expert
Social Media and Marketing Expert, Fujitsu
Managing Director
Managing Director, Colliers International
Engagement Director
Engagement Director, Ericsson
WebSphere Brand Leader
WebSphere Brand Leader, IBM Software Group
Strategy & Innovation, Managing Partner
Strategy & Innovation, Managing Partner, Telekinesis
Creative Technologies, Managing Partner
Creative Technologies, Managing Partner, Telekinesis
AeL eContent Department Manager
AeL eContent Department Manager, SIVECO
Co-founder&Managing Director, Interactions
Managing Partner
Managing Partner, Digital Star
Managing Director
Managing Partner
Marketing Specialist
Marketing Specialist, Piraeus Bank
Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Marketing Manager, ING Romania
Strategic Accounts Senior Sales Executive
Strategic Accounts Senior Sales Executive, COSMOTE Romania
IT Development Manager
IT Development Manager, Libra Internet Bank
Marketing Director
Marketing Director, LIBRA INTERNET BANK
Editor in chief
Editor in chief, Market Watch
Managing Director
Managing Director, iWeb Creative
Co-founder, CIO Council
Technology Sales Consultant
Technology Sales Consultant, Fujitsu

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