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Lukas Maixner

Lukas Maixner / Co-Founder and GM Professional Services / Socialbakers

I’m Co-Founder of Socialbakers, a company focused on social media measurement and optimization. I am in charge of Socialbakers Professional Services unit delivering integrated solutions consulting services to Socialbakers key accounts.
One of my key goals is to drive our “labs” team that drives innovations and new experimental projects.

I am passionate about new technologies, enjoy good food, love to travel and enjoy my precious spare time with my family when I can.

Lukas Maixner
Co-Founder and GM Professional Services
Rafi Haladjian

Rafi Haladjian / Founder / founder rafi Haladjian started Photo Gaston, his first business, at age 15 in his dad’s garage in the midst of the Lebanese civil war bombings. He moved to France in 1978, determined to get into the film industry, eventually producing and directing films featuring great names in literature and cinema including Ionesco, Calvino and Fellini.

Life soon took a turn. While studying semiotics, rafi accidentally stumbled upon the world of telecom networks, devices connected to them and their potential uses, and he has never turned back. He was involved in the fascinating adventure of the Minitel (French precursor of the Web) from its inception in the 1980s. In 1994, he founded FranceNet, the very first French Internet company, which he sold to British Telecom in 2003 to start working on the post-web world. He created Ozone, a pervasive wireless network operator that covered 65% of Paris thanks to Wi-Fi antennas placed on roofs and based on a viral community model. He also founded Violet, a pioneer in the Internet of Things, which won global acclaim with its iconic product – Nabaztag, the smart rabbit. All in all rafi has founded more than 15 companies.

rafi is the author of a short essay: “How Word, Excel and PowerPoint can Make you Handsome, Rich and Intelligent”. He is keen to point out that rafi is spelled with a lowercase r, because it is an Armenian name.

Rafi Haladjian
Jeremy Abbett

Jeremy Abbett / Creative Evangelist / Google

Jeremy Abbett is a believer in those that can think and make. His belief comes in the form of his own personal experience starting several ventures that found their genesis at the intersection of design and technology. He draws from this experience while working with creative agencies and brands in his current role as creative evangelist for Google.

Previous to Google Jeremy was the founding design director responsible for the branding and user-experience for mobile start-up Stuffle. His efforts helped Stuffle win a Webby Award, Lead Award, Lovie Award and as well as being recognized by Apple as one of the best apps in 2012.

Jeremy also founded Fork Unstable Media in 1996 (with three projects that were acquired by the Museum of Modern Art – San Francisco and a game that enraged the British Monarchy to his credit), was a founding post-graduate student at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea and was an award winning creative director at a handful of advertising agencies.

Jeremy Abbett
Creative Evangelist
Anthony Quigley

Anthony Quigley / Founder & Director / Digital Marketing Institute

Anthony is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience developing, managing and leading successful businesses. He is a senior board-level advisor to venture companies and start-ups.

Anthony is Co-Founder and Director of Digital Marketing Institute, the global certification standard in digital marketing, with courses taught in over 50 countries. He has either founded or held director-level positions in Code Institute, eWare, Xanthal, iQuate, Microsoft, Net Results and Web Kitchen among others.

Anthony’s clear and commercial understanding of how digital technologies are transforming the business environment has led him to be a sought after presenter on the topic. He is also regular contributor to press, TV and radio discussions.

Anthony Quigley
Founder & Director
Digital Marketing Institute
Javier Martinez

Javier Martinez / VP of Business Development / Libelium

Javier Martinez is vice president of business development at Libelium, the provider of open hardware and sensor network technology used in Smart Cities, smart agriculture, environmental solutions and a host of Internet of Things (IoT) projects. Javier is responsible for developing the company’s global network of partners and distributors. Previously, he served as managing director of Videotronic España Multimedia, and export manager at Industrias Ventura S.L, a manufacturer of electronics, where he opened new markets in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. He holds a BA in Business Administration from the University of Zaragoza (Spain) and is a graduate of Kingston University, London.

Javier Martinez
VP of Business Development
Andy Chen

Andy Chen / Visionary CEO /

Andy currently serves as an advisory council for the World Economic Forum. He was most recently the CEO of Aspiro Group, a public listed company on Nasdaq stock exchange in Stockholm, Sweden. Aspiro Group is a media and mobile technology company behind TIDAL, a world leading streaming music OTT focused on high fidelity sound quality, and in April 2015 the company was acquired by RocNation and JayZ.

Previously Andy was the CEO of Preview Networks, a venture-funded B2B video syndication company acquired by Rightster in April 2013. He was also formerly Vice President of Digital for Viacom International and MTV Europe, as well as global strategy director at Aegis Media (Carat and Isobar) for many years. He started his career in San Francisco during the dotcom era in the late 90s and has a bachelor degree from University of California, Berkeley with a MBA from Stockholm University in global management.

A true global citizen with international upbringing, education and work experiences across 3 continents with a vast personal and business network across US, Europe, and Asia. Andy is an active angel investor in several start-ups in US and Europe, business advisor to VCs, start-ups, as well as Fortune 500 public companies. He is also a frequent speaker at international media and digital conferences with over 50 published articles in digital media strategy and behavioral targeting, and a collaborative book.

Andy Chen
Visionary CEO
Philipp Fehre

Philipp Fehre / Software Development Engineer / Yammer

Philipp Fehre is a software developer working on Yammer, the enterprise social Network which is part of Microsoft Office 365. Previously to joining Microsoft he has been working as a consultant on NoSQL databases and backend systems, as well as working for a NoSQL company.
Philipp strongly believes in the power of engineers to create great maintainable systems, which are ready to grow using modern technologies and tools. He has been working in a variety of languages over the year, from C, Java, JavaScript, all the way to Erlang and Ruby.
Besides his work as a software developer he is also an author and speaker working on educating others to not repeat the mistakes he made in the past.

Philipp Fehre
Software Development Engineer
Paddy Moogan

Paddy Moogan / Co-founder / Aira

Paddy is the co-founder of Aira, a digital marketing agency based in the UK. He has been working online since 2004 when he got bored studying for his Law degree. Since then he has worked for two agencies including Distilled where he was VP London before he left to start Aira. He is also the author of The Link Building Book and has spoken at a number of conferences including MozCon, SMX Sydney, Marketing Festival and SAScon.

Paddy Moogan
Chris Swan

Chris Swan / CTO / Cohesive Networks

Chris Swan is CTO at Cohesive Networks, a cloud networking company founded in 2006 that he joined in early 2013. He was previously at UBS where he held a number of CTO roles and represented the bank as a Director on the Steering Committee of the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA). Before joining UBS he was CTO at a London based technology investment banking boutique CapitalSCF. Chris previously held various senior R&D, architecture and engineering positions at Credit Suisse, which included networks, security, data centre automation and introduction of new application platforms. Prior to the world of financial services Chris was a Combat Systems Engineering Officer in the Royal Navy. He has an MBA from OUBS and a BEng in Electronics Engineering from the University of York.

Chris Swan
Cohesive Networks
Bastian Hofmann

Bastian Hofmann / Senior Software Engineer / ResearchGate

Bastian works as a Software Engineer at ResearchGate, the social network for researchers and scientists. There he is mainly responsible for designing the web frontend’s software architecture and caring about performance, monitoring and developer productivity. Before that he created the games and application platform and the APIs of the VZ-networks. When he is not developing stuff, he frequently speaks at international conferences on software architecture, scaling web applications and open standards and protocols.

Bastian Hofmann
Senior Software Engineer
Steve Armstrong

Steve Armstrong / Certified Instructor, SANS Institute, Technical Security Director & Owner / Logically Secure

Stay tuned! Information about this speaker will be updated soon.

Steve Armstrong
Certified Instructor, SANS Institute, Technical Security Director & Owner
Logically Secure
Jamie Woodruff

Jamie Woodruff / Security Intelligence Analyst / Patch Penguin

Britain’s Best Ethical Hacker Jamie Woodruff taught himself to hack aged 9 and now at the age of 22 works with large corporations, testing their security systems and highlighting any vulnerabilities.
He was recognized as a penetration testing engineer by IT Security Experts (ITSE) and travels the world teaching people the importance of system and network security.

He is well known for identifying exploits/ vulnerabilities within the security applications of leading companies such as, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Jamie also founded the company Patch Penguin along with Euan Birch a Cyber Security Startup:

Jamie Woodruff
Security Intelligence Analyst
Patch Penguin
Euan Ross Birch

Euan Ross Birch / Chief Security Officer / Patch Penguin

Euan Ross Birch is a 3rd year student at Glasgow Caledonian University studying Digital Security, Forensics and Ethical Hacking. He has held various positions within the Student Association there including Head of Societies and is currently President of GCU Ethical Hacking Society. Euan was born and raised in Uddingston Scotland and has always been a “computer geek”. Recently, he and Jamie Woodruff have setup the company Patch Penguin and are expanding fast with various clients across the financial sector and retail industry. They specialise in Network Penetration Testing, Website Penetration Testing, Software Analysis and Device Analysis. They are McAfee Intel certified partners and Core Security Certified Partners. In his spare time, Euan is a football referee in Scotland.

Euan Ross Birch
Chief Security Officer
Patch Penguin
Slavek Kabrda

Slavek Kabrda / Senior software engineer / Red Hat

Slavek Kabrda is a senior software engineer at Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source solutions.
Up until recently, Slavek had been the Python maintainer for Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Software Collections. He is a member of Fedora Environment and Stacks Working Group and Fedora Python SIG, where he has initiated the ongoing Fedora switch to Python 3 as the default Python interpreter.
Slavek now primarily works on Red Hat’s tooling around Docker, but he still contributes to Python integration efforts in Fedora community.
Slavek is a programming enthusiast who likes experimenting with new languages and technologies and never misses a chance to talk about about open source software over a glass of good beer.

Slavek Kabrda
Senior software engineer
Red Hat
Gavin Wood

Gavin Wood / Founder & ÐΞV Director / Ethereum

Dr. Gavin Wood, Ethereum’s CTO, led the implementation of the Ethereum C++ client, GUI and IDE, and authored much of the vision for the project around decentralisation and Web 3 ( He is also the author of the Ethereum Yellow Paper ( He was the Director of Technology of OxLegal and a Technical Director at Lancaster Logic Response. He graduated from University of York (Master of Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Gavin Wood
Founder & ÐΞV Director
Stephan Hochdörfer

Stephan Hochdörfer / Head of Technology / bitExpert AG

Stephan Hochdörfer currently holds the position of Head of Technology at bitExpert AG, a company specializing in web and mobile development. His primary focus is everything related to web development as well as automation techniques ranging from code generation to deployment automation.

Stephan Hochdörfer
Head of Technology
bitExpert AG
Thomas Grassl

Thomas Grassl / Vice President, Global Head of Developer Relations / SAP

Thomas is responsible for SAP’s global developer outreach and evangelism programs. As an experienced marketer and developer at heart, he works closely with many developers, companies and startups around the world helping them learn and apply new technology innovations to solve complex business problems in the area of cloud, big data and IoT.

Thomas Grassl
Vice President, Global Head of Developer Relations
Norbert Lesko

Norbert Lesko / Founder / MiniCRM

The founders of MiniCRM started thinking about developing a CRM system in 2006 when they intended to manage customer relationships of their own company. Since 2009 they have been working on developing and maintaining MiniCRM, and since then the company is expanding continuously. MiniCRM’s purpose is to help and support entrepreneurs to be more efficient in managing their customers.

MiniCRM has been created to make customer relationship management easy and to contribute to the development of small and medium enterprises. The solution is now being used by over 450 SMEs in Central and Eastern Europe and it is available in 6 different languages: Hungarian, English, Romanian, German, Czech and Croatian.

In 2014 MiniCRM won the Best International Business App award of Deutsche Telekom, and thanks to that the company started to expand in Eastern Europe. The goal of MiniCRM is to support the development and expansion of SME companies by managing every information related to their customers in one single system, to organize and automate sales, marketing and helpdesk. MiniCRM offers its users the ultimate set of Sales and Marketing tools.

MiniCRM is more than just a software, it is a way of thinking that emphasizes the importance of quality and customer-centered mentality. MiniCRM is recommended to those who want to know the real needs of their customers, be more organized, increase their revenues and boost their companies by applying modern solutions.

Norbert Lesko


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